About Teach II

A creativity engine fueled by curiosity

We started off working on a documentary called, “The Killer App,” posing the question, are we educating students for a future that no longer exists? Inspired by the obscure 1979 app VisiCalc- dubbed the first killer app for sparking mass adoption of personal computing- we attempted to pinpoint what would create a paradigm shift in education.

After years of looking for a “killer app,” we found it actually wasn’t so hard to find them. And there was not only one but countless great ideas, experts and teachers with amazing ideas facing herculean effort to operate on their terms. Like an app running off the old OS, teachers needed an updated platform, that would work on their terms.

Visicalc had the Apple II computer, a platform open for anyone to create the next killer app. Teach II is new platform open to novice and experienced teachers alike to share, test, market and cultivate themselves and their ideas, on their terms. Though teacher and class information is located online, the classes are not. Despite all the resources now available online, we believe in the importance of face-to-face, in-person interaction.

In a world where the individual has never before had as much power, is it not time to hand control over to the teacher?